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Frameless Shower Enclosures

Frameless enclosures are the pinnacle of quality and refinement in the bath setting.  Our frameless enclosures are built using a thicker glass *made in the USA*, highest grade architectural silicone, brass hardware, and finest building materials.  The combination of premium materials gives your frameless enclosure a more luxurious, higher quality feel and will be a great addition to your bath.

There are many more opportunities to personalize a frameless enclosure versus a framed or semi-frameless. Each enclosure is custom designed and built to fit your home, so we can design the enclosure to any size and use any combination of hardware, glass, and metal finish.

Frameless enclosures are also the best choice when designing a steam shower.  We can ensure a perfect floor to ceiling fit, and incorporate an operable transom to help vent the steam off.

While the options and customizing may be intimidating to some, our designers are here to walk you through your options and ensure you are pleased with the appearance and functionality of your new enclosure. Please stop by our showroom or consult with a designer to evaluate your options with a frameless enclosure.