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Hidden Bed

Hidden beds add a new layer of versatility and utility to your home, and can be combined with other design features to create a unique, flexible space.

Take advantage of space saving design to convert a spare room into a multipurpose guest room and home office/laundry/media center/play room/etc. Our easy to operate units will add a new fold of function to your home.

We offer both the conventional hidden beds as well as a hidden desk bed. Some areas to consider when deciding which hidden bed is best for you:

    1. What size bed is necessary, and what space is available?
    2. What other purposes for which would you like to use the room?
    3. How much use will the bed get?
    4. What other features would you want to incorporate with the hidden desk unit?

Innovative Closet Designs can incorporate drawer storage, hanging storage, a desk unit, entertainment center, shoe shelves, wire basket storage, and more to maximize the utility of the space. Please consult with one of our designers to find which unit fits your needs best.