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Home Office

The need for organization and efficiency is crucial in any work setting. Without these, clutter will slow you down and your work will not be as productive. A custom designed office space will create better flow and encourage better organization.

As your workspace is designed around your needs, all of your important resources will be at your fingertips.  A shelving unit can keep all supplies organized and easily accessible. Filing systems can be integrated into drawers to help catalogue all important paperwork. Keyboard trays and cable management systems can keep technology within reach but tucked away when needed.  Doors can be traditionally hinged or in a vertical lift up configuration to add style, security, and utility. We offer matching tops to almost all of our laminate finishes, or can install a top of another finish to offset the room and some flare to your workspace.

See how we can help you accomplish more and enjoy your work with a thoughtfully designed office space by Innovative Closet Designs.