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How ICD Can Help

Full Compliment of Common Area Bath Partitions and Accessories

With a wide range of products offered, extensive trade expertise, a large team of installation crews, and an efficient commercial estimating department, Innovative Closet Designs is equipped to help you complete your projects on schedule and on budget. There are three popular strategies that we use with our builders to ensure both their and their customers’ satisfaction:

1. Production Work – Our estimating department will use your specifications, blueprints, and takeoffs to build a proposal covering the package of products we can supply and install. We’ll then coordinate with your project managers and superintendents to ensure we are on site when areas are ready and complete all contracted work in a timely fashion. This is most popular with our builders focusing on apartments and rentals.

2. Package Offerings – We discuss standard offerings with our builders and assign a standard range of products to each home type/model. This gives the builder a baseline of amenities and costs to factor into their home prices. We will then coordinate groups of upgrade packages for our builders to offer as add-on options for the new homeowners. These upgrade packages include options like different color finishes, upgraded bath hardware, different storage solutions and configurations, or various levels of shower enclosures.As the homes sell, the incoming homeowner will pick areas of the home they would like to upgrade from an option sheet and we will proceed accordingly. This allows our builders to cater towards higher end clientele wanting nice amenities, while maintaining a budget friendly baseline of offerings. This is ideal for builders looking to develop and sell large groups of houses, townhomes, and apartments.

3. Consultative Approach – Builders prepare the homes without standard product offerings. Upon sale of the home, our designers will meet with the new homeowners and review their options. The homeowner makes their selections, and then we coordinate install with the builder.