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Storage Solutions

Leave Less Mess

Laundry Room, Entry & Mudroom Solutions

Tidy and Clean Everyday Routines

Organized entryways ease the pressure of daily traffic and outerwear pileup and keep the aesthetic of your home uninterrupted. Make preparing for and cleaning up after activities more efficient with a custom mudroom. Take pleasure in a functional and easy laundry setup.

Laundry Room Storage

Make laundry day your favorite day. Having a functional and beautiful space for the weekly workflow of chores can elevate the whole family’s mood while streamlining the design of every area of your home.

Designate areas for incoming dirty laundry, as well as areas to hang, organize, and store clean clothes. Having proper space to store and hang recently washed/dried laundry makes a substantial difference in the appearance and condition of your clothing.

Popular features of our laundry storage solutions include countertops over the washer/dryer, drop-down folding tables that fold up to save space when not in use, and built-in ironing boards.

For a modern and undeniably practical take, incorporate features like lights, electrical outlets, garment bars, and more.

Mudroom & Entryway Storage

The daily grind means high-traffic areas get a lot of love. With or without children, if your family doesn’t have the proper areas to store most-often used outerwear and accessories, they’ll end up creating clutter. Take the custom designed approach to functional, neat, and tidy mudrooms and entryways.

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Our designers can develop a custom mudroom and entranceway catered to your needs. We have a number of proven design features that will arrange your mudroom so items can be easily stored and organized:

Cubbies and lockers

  • Coat hanging sections and integrated hook strips
  • Baskets and drawer systems
  • Shoe shelves in varying heights and functionality
  • Wall mount accessories and slatwall systems
  • Bench height shelving units with a countertop for unloading zones and seating
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Essential Accessories for the Entryway, Laundry Room & Mudroom

Cubbies | Lockers | Coat Hanging | Hook Strips | Baskets | Drawer Systems | Shoe Shelving | Wall Mounted Accessories | Slatwall Systems | Benches | Folding Tables | Built-In Ironing Boards | Custom Ergonomic Countertops

Creating the right storage solution for your space means choosing the right accessories for your everyday needs. Innovative Closet Designs creates a custom solution that fits your lifestyle to a T.

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