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Storage Solutions

Prep, Make, Build & Park

Garage Storage Solutions

Make Space for Activities, Storage, and Vehicles

Transform a commonly cluttered storage area or garage to a practically designed and usable space. Choose from storage solutions, shelving, cabinets, racks and more for everyone from the handyman, car enthusiast, and athlete to the outdoorsman, gearhead,
or gardener.

Proper storage can give you more space than you knew you had, so that every activity, overflow item, and spare tool has a convenient home where you can find it.

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Shelving & Practical Space-Saving Solutions

Sturdy PVC Slatwalls, Cabinets, Shelving, Workspaces, and Sports Accessories Storage

Innovative Closet Designs customizes garage storage specifically to fit your needs. Choose from a wide range of options, from wall shelving and traditional cabinets and work benches to racks and hanging storage systems.

A popular storage solution for the garage is our slatwall storage system. Slatwall storage is a specialized system that allows for total customization based on the items you need to store or hang. You’ll find a slatwall accessory that perfectly preserves and neatly stores every item in your garage.

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Our American-made slatwall line is an engineered PVC material offering a number of advantages over the commonly used fiberboard variety. ICD’s PVC slatwall:

1- Weighs less but is 50% stronger
2- Disguises scratches and wear
3- Is impervious to water damage
4- Retains structural integrity over time
5- Tested to Grade A fire resistance standards
6- Easy-to-clean surface retains smooth satin finish for years to come

Ask our designers about available slatwall colors and accessories.

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