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Shower Enclosures

Innovative Closet Designs has been designing and installing shower enclosures for over 20 years. With well over 100 years of enclosure and glazing experience on staff, we are equipped to handle any enclosure. Our designers take the same consultative approach in reviewing style, finish, and sizing options with you and taking all the measurements necessary to ensure a properly fitting and functional enclosure.

One very important option that is offered on all of our shower doors is Enduroshield. Enduroshield is a coating that is applied to the shower door that will protect and seal the glass. The protective coating creates a long lasting shield on the glass, reducing cleaning time and stains (water/soap/mineral) from accumulating on the glass. Enduroshield is also an environmentally friendly substance, as you will no longer need to use harsh chemicals to clean your shower. Upon registration, Enduroshield offers a 10 year warranty on all new glass surfaces. Please see www.enduroshieldusa.com for more details.

There are two main varieties of shower doors: hinged and sliding.

Hinged enclosures are mainly for showers that do not have to step up and over a tub wall. They are ideal for enclosures with smaller openings, as they will allow for a larger door in proportion to the opening. When planning for a hinged door, you must consider the floor layout of your bath area. A hinged door requires more floor space in order for the door to open and swing fully.

Sliding shower doors are more versatile than hinged units. They are available in a number of heights to accommodate enclosures where one must step over a tub wall, or be concerned with a lower ceiling height. Sliding enclosures are also a better fit in smaller bathrooms where there is not enough room for a hinged door to swing out and open fully. For those desiring the minimalist look, the majority of sliding doors have lower profiled metal extrusions, so there will be less metal in the viewing area of the enclosure.