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Wall Hung Mirrors

Innovative Closet Designs can offer mirror in nearly any finish (Clear, Antique, Black, Grey, Bronze, Etc.) to cover any surface in your home. Our designers will discuss how to best place your mirror and plan for any holes needed for outlets and switches, or if you would like to incorporate an arch or any shaping to your mirrors. Our expert installers can handle mirrors of any size, from small vanity mirrors to full length dressing mirrors, to full layouts for wall coverings in home gyms.

Mirrors traditionally are prepared in one of three ways: polished, beveled, and framed. Mirrors are a great design feature to make a room feel more spacious or give a space a more grandiose feel.


When mirrors are first cut, the edge is very sharp and brittle. Our in house mirror facility polishes all mirrors prior to them leaving the building. Polishing down the mirror ensures that it is safe for your home, and gives the edge a sleek, finished look. Polished mirrors can then be installed with small clips or track for a very clean, minimalist look.


A beveled mirror is a mirror that has undergone a process of cutting and polishing down the edge of the mirror at an angle. This process leaves the glass thinner around the edges, and gives the appearance similar to being framed. Some prefer this look as it gives the mirror a more elegant appearance than a polished edge, and does not have the bulk of a frame.  The bevel around a mirror typically ranges from ½” to 1 ½”, with 1” being the standard.


Innovative Closet Designs offers a range of framed mirrors, and can also prepare mirrors to fit within your existing frames. The process for our line of decorative mirror frames is very simple. Our designer will measure for sizing and show you the available styles. We’ll then prepare the frame, set the mirror, and bring it to your home as a finalized product. Depending upon the size of the mirror, we can then hang the mirror using hangers or affix the mirror permanently to your wall. A framed mirror can make a bold statement in a space as well as make it feel more open.