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Functional and Stylish Custom Closets

Would you like to know the difference between starting each day off smoothly on the right foot versus a chaotic scramble? Answer – An effectively designed and constructed closet.

Building exceptionally designed closets is a well refined skill at Innovative Closet Designs.  Our designers take the time to meet with you to discuss the space available, and what your needs are for it. A properly designed closet, or any storage solution, will help alleviate clutter and assist you in overcoming the challenge to remain organized.

There are two main types of closets: a walk-in and a reach-in. Each carry their own share of benefits and design challenges, but both revolve around one thing – your needs.


There is an air of luxury as one steps into a thoughtfully designed walk-in closet. Clothes, shoes, hats, accessories, jewelry, and other daily required items should be placed in visible and easily accessible locations.  Accessories like valet rods, tie racks, belt racks, jewelry trays, hampers and mirrors accent the closet and make the start of each day easier.

Walk-in closets’ additional size offers the homeowner a more flexible area making it easier to add a personalized touch: an island to provide additional storage and a countertop area, a makeup station to provide a location to jumpstart the day, hampers to reduce clutter and designate a place for dirty laundry, and/or a full length mirror to review the day’s look before leaving.

One can choose to embellish their closet with style and refinement. A wide range of laminate finishes, decorative door/drawer styles, hardware styles/finishes, and moulding allow us to accent your living space with the most modern or traditional touches.


Reach-ins can offer all the luxury of a walk-in, but present design challenges because of limited accessibility and space. Our designers look to overcome any limitations by utilizing space efficiently and considering your needs when collaborating on a reach-in.

Based on your input and preference, the designer may look to implement more shelving or cubby space for storage versus a drawer and hanging section.  We ensure every closet we produce fits perfectly into your home and uses space as effectively as possible to meet your organizational needs.

Thanks to new design capabilities and concepts, formerly inaccessible spaces are now usable. Creative use of color, drawer style, glass, mirrors, and LED lighting can also added to change the way you previously thought about your cluttered reach-in.

Building Materials

We construct our storage solutions from two material groups: laminate and wire. While most closets utilize one material or the other, our designers can integrate both in one space. Please click on the below options to read further about each.