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Garage Storage Solutions

All too often, garages become the home of clutter and overflow from the main living area. Where an auto should go, a pile of miscellaneous items now resides; congesting the area and making it unusable. With the proper garage design, we can help you properly store the overflow and reclaim usable space for other needs.

Innovative Closet Designs can cater your garage storage specifically to fit your needs. We offer storage accessories designed for the outdoorsman, adventurist, athlete, handyman, gardener, weekend warrior or gearhead.

One popular storage solution for the garage is our Slatwall system. Our American made slatwall line is a designed PVC material which offers a number of advantages over the commonly used fiberboard variety:

  1. Half the weight, but 50% stronger
  2. Slatwall is colored throughout, so any scratches  or wear will not penetrate through the color and leave you with an eye sore
  3. Immune to water damage, and retains its structural integrity much better over time
  4. Tested to Grade A fire resistance standards
  5. Easy to clean surface will retain its smooth satin finish for years to come

Please ask our designers about the available slatwall colors and accessories.