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An effectively organized laundry area helps make a substantial difference in easing one of most people’s least favorite household chores. The ICD team has helped many improve the functionality of their laundry area with our laminate and wire storage solutions.

An Innovative Closet Designs’ laundry room will have areas designated not only for in the incoming dirty laundry, but areas where one can hang, organize, and store the clean laundry. Having proper space to store and hang recently washed/dried laundry makes a substantial difference in the appearance and condition of your clothing.

Not only can we implement storage solutions to improve the workflow and organization of your laundry, but also items that will make the process of doing your laundry easier as well. Other popular features of our laundries include countertops over the washer/dryer, drop down folding tables that fold up to save space when not in use, and ironing boards.

Innovative Closet Designs is a dealer of Iron-A-Way’s built-in ironing centers. These ergonomic ironing boards incorporate features like lights, electrical outlets, garment bars, and more to be an essential part of your laundry space.