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Custom Solutions for Your Mudroom

It’s very common for families, especially those with children, to enter the home and unload their stuff in a pile at the door. Sports gear gets tangled with winter clothing, which then gets thrown on top of delicate footwear. Innovative Closet Designs can help prevent the entrance area of your home from resembling an unloading zone at the recycling center.

Our designers can develop a custom mudroom and entranceway catered to your needs. We have a number of proven design features that will arrange your mudroom so items can be easily stored and organized:

  • Cubby/locker style coat hanging sections with integrated hook strips
  • Baskets and drawer systems for gloves, hats, and sports accessories
  • Shoe shelves for shoes and boots. We recommend having compartments designed for each family member, and separate boot and shoe height shelves. This way muddy work boots won’t ruin nicer leather shoes.
  • Wall mount accessories and slatwall systems to designate a convenient space for hanging sports equipment, tools, bags, etc.
  • Bench height shelving units with a countertop to have a multifunctional storage and seating space.
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