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2021 Style & Design Trends For Your Home

It’s been over a year since our world nearly changed overnight -- and the home remodeling space has changed with it. 

Being outside has become a commodity and being inside has become the norm. As our homes have continued to be our safe haven, we’ve had the opportunity to mix things up a bit. A living room duals as an office, a garage as a workout space, and closets have an entire world of their own.

Many long to reconnect with the outdoors and this year’s design trends reflect that sentiment. Remodeling has been at an all-time high as homeowners seek to bring elements of the outdoors, inside. Larger windows that let in floods of light, integrated lighting that brightens dark corners, bold tones that mimic the outdoors, and natural elements that help us feel grounded  are trending in 2021.

Dynamic Shelving

Dynamic walk in closet shelving.


Business suits are out and leisurewear is in. As your attire continues to change, so should your closet space. Hanging rods that previously held pressed slacks and dry cleaned blazers need to be replaced with shelving and cubed organizers to achieve chic and tidy closet spaces.

Another timeless trend is open shelving instead of behind cabinets. Walking into a closet where you can easily access a pullover and a pair of sneakers is exactly what you need. Organization is at its best when everything has a place.

Contemporary Office Spaces


That tiny desk in the corner of your bedroom or next to the kitchen table worked for a time. However, it’s time to dedicate a permanent space to your mod, new office. If you’re the type who needs to close the door on work at 5pm, you’d love a hidden closet office. Everything you need is tucked away in a space where your dinner guests will be none the wiser.

Whatever the size of your living space, a few floating shelves on either side of a stylish, floating desk is the perfect addition to any room. It frees up space that would otherwise be dedicated to a bulky desk and an unsightly tangle of cords.

Bold Textures & Colors


Warm color closet trends 2021

Our desire to be connected to nature has influenced the way design has evolved over the last year. Natural and organic materials like leather, wood, and stone are trending in shelving, showers, and cabinets.

Warm, bold colors like terracotta-brown, red, orange, blue and green on typically muted surfaces are changing the game for homeowners. Bringing lively tones into the private spaces of your home makes it an inviting sanctuary. 

Exclusive Trends

Laundry room trends 2021

Despite our new, comfier attire, the laundry loads haven’t slowed down. Whether your laundry room is upstairs, downstairs, or you don’t even have stairs, the steps from where your clothes end up to the washing machine are too many. The latest trend in all things laundry is the bedroom closet laundry room. At the end of a dryer cycle, your warm towels can go straight to the shelf with fewer steps.

While warm lighting has certainly had its time, bright LED lighting is now in. It mimics the brightness of day so that no matter what time of day it is, you feel connected to the vitamin D you’ve been missing. Replace warm lighting with LED  in closet spaces, over desks, and inside shelving to get reconnected with the sun


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2021 Style & Design Trends For Your Home

It’s been over a year since our world nearly changed overnight -- and the home remodeling space has changed with it. 

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