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How to Organize Decorations: Storage Tips for the Garage & More

October, November, and December come with an abundance of decorating (and cute costume) opportunities. Many families choose to keep their decorations 

in line with past years' traditions, but some add new accents to their collection every year. Some even change out their home's decor completely to complement the season.

That means an increase in things that need storing! Having a convenient, dedicated space for each item will help you stay organized. Making boxes, tubs, baskets, and bags easy to find next year can make autumn festivities and soon-to-come winter holidays a little less stressful—and a little more joyful.

If you're storing a large number of items for an entire season or more, take full advantage of the height of your storage space. Keep the more frequently used (and heavier) items low to the ground and the less frequently used (and lighter) items higher up.Closetmaid Garage Satin Chrome

Convenient and practical garage, basement, and other storage area solutions include:

Slatwall Solutions: Use Vertical Space

A slatwall solution can be personalized to fit your unique storage needs. Slatwall helps keep frequently used items on hand, while creating the opportunity to take advantage of vertical space for decor, seasonal items, and sentimental collections. 


Combine a versatile slatwall storage solution with accessories made specifically for the items you want to store. You can find a wide variety of solutions that easily clip onto your slatwalls including baskets, shelves, hooks, sports-specific holders, racks, and tool kits.

Large Mesh Basket Filled 2


Dedicate a space for miscellaneous items and organize them by how often you use them. Keep frequently used tools on hand while out-of-season decorations stay out of the way of important chores and daily activities.

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Wire Shelving: Versatile & Ventilated Storage

Wire shelving is a classic solution to organizing out-of-sight spaces. Neat and easy-to-install wire shelving also allows for airflow in commonly damp spaces like basements. The compact configuration of this option is great for taking advantage of tight spaces.

Closetmaid Garage


Whether you're a door wreath minimalist or a novelty ornament collector, wire shelving can be adjusted to fit the size of your bins, baskets, or boxes. While this solution works well as a stand-alone or in-closet system, homeowners often choose to combine with laminate shelving or slatwall for maximum storage options that fit their growing storage needs.

Laminate Cabinet Shelving: Aesthetically Pleasing

For storage in visible or high-traffic areas, hide away items and containers for a tidy look. Laminate is a durable building material that can achieve a high-quality result. Laminate closet solutions usually combine shelving with drawers, cabinet doors, decorative moulding, and countertops.


ICD offers a wide range of finishes to match your space, style, budget, and holiday collection. 

Innovative Closet Designs specializes in customizing a solution that fits your unique style and design choices. Get in touch to talk to a consultant about what that might look like for you:


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