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How to Organize a High-Traffic Mudroom & Entryway

The entryway can get chaotic. Families rush in and out during busy morning and evening routines, children leave shoes scattered by the door, and dog leashes can be left in a tangled mess on the floor.

With the right storage system, coming home can be a calming, pleasant experience that introduces the style of the rest of the home. Organized solutions resolve the disorder of floating outerwear, shoes, accessories, and miscellaneous practical items, and complement—instead of compete with—the style you've worked to develop throughout your home.

To decide which storage solution is right for you, start by evaluating what typically gets left in a pile by the door, and go from there. Built-ins go beyond basics and offer the best option for an integrated system that blends seamlessly with your home, but there are other options to consider to help you find a place for everything in your transitional areas.

Tidy Tips for Active Households


If you find your entryway or mudroom drowning in sports gear and activity paraphernalia, an extra barrier to the rest of the house may be a convenient necessity. Built-ins, extra cabinets, and easy access to washing machines or sinks may fit your active lifestyle.

Custom closets and trendy lockers can house equipment from golf clubs and tennis rackets to running shoes and reflective vests. 

Create dedicated spaces for the items that get messy and need frequent cleaning, like shoes that often come in caked in mud, grassy golf shoes, muddy hiking boots, or smelly post-practice soccer clothes. Depending on your room layout and proximity to other amenities, you may even want to consider a clothes hamper solution.

Quick and easy access is essential for families that are on a busy activity schedule. Avoid storing away equipment and clothing that you use daily or weekly in hard-to-reach places. Ensure that your shelving, lockers, cubbies, and compartments allow easy access for everyone who needs it.

Don't forget your furry friends—custom spaces like kennels, feeding stations, and wash stations make indoor/outdoor pet care easier (and leave the rest of the house mud-free).

Store Away Seasonal Items & Occasional Accessories


Hats, gloves, heavy coats, and specialty footwear can get shoved to the back of unorganized closets and get lost when their time comes to be used again.

Versatile shelving and cubbies create spaces for seasonal baskets. Swap out summer accessory baskets for winter accessory baskets when the weather turns chilly and mittens need to be in reach. Drawers add a completely different, more formal aesthetic to a built-in or entryway.

For anything else that you'd rather stow away than have available every day, designate the larger spaces that are harder to reach, like closet corners and high-up cubbyholes.

Keep Daily Necessities on Hand


For your daily necessities, a bench for footwear can double as handy storage. Another versatile option could be bench-height shelving units with a countertop serving as multifunctional storage and seating space.

Cubbies, shelves, and closets might not be as high on your must-have list if most of the items in your entryway are used daily. Open solutions like hooks, and minimalistic design work well for the homeowner that stores bigger, lesser-used items elsewhere. Slatwall systems can designate a convenient space for hanging frequently-used sports equipment, tools, bags and coats. A combination solution like cubby- or locker-style coat hanging sections can integrate wall-mounted hooks for accessories.

If your entryway or mudroom has a walk-in-closet (lucky you!), consider practical wire shelving over design-conscious laminate cabinets that are meant to be on display.

Shoe shelves organize shoes and boots. We recommend having compartments designed for each family member, with separate boot and shoe-height shelves. This way muddy work boots won’t ruin nicer leather shoes.

Innovative Closet Designs specializes in customizing a solution that fits your unique lifestyle and design choices. View the solutions we've created for past clients on our storage-by-room gallery:


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