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Shower Design Trends: Go Sleek or Go Bold

Popular shower door trends today take inspiration from every corner of the design world. The two biggest trends we’re seeing right now are on opposite ends of the style spectrum—but both add a distinctive, high-quality finish to a bathroom renovation or new build.

  1. 1. Sleek, frameless enclosures are the go-to for contemporary minimalists.
  2. 2. Heavy, bold frames and dividers are popping up in industrial- and farmhouse-inspired homes.

Keep reading to explore the potential of each shower door design style.

Barely-There Shower Enclosures

Open up the room by nixing the frame.

Frameless shower doors, panels, or enclosures let light in unencumbered, creating the illusion of endless space.

A neutral finish, frameless shower enclosures are versatile. This choice surrenders the spotlight to other design features, or blends seamlessly with a sleek, minimalistic overall style. The combination of premium materials gives your frameless enclosure a luxurious feel and is a great addition to a new bath.


Frameless shower enclosures work well with a variety of other styles, from traditional to modern. In chic, creative designs, frameless shower solutions pair well with statement mirrors and unique tiling. A cleaner look for smaller spaces often uses muted tones to create a calming oasis.

Endless Opportunities for Customization

There are many opportunities to personalize a frameless enclosure compared to a framed or semi-frameless solution. Each frameless enclosure is custom-designed and built to fit your home, providing any size and any combination of hardware, glass, and metal finishes.

Frameless shower doors and panels for steam room and shower enclosure for a modern, spa feel.

Frameless enclosures are also the best choice when designing a steam shower. In the project shown above, ICD ensured a perfect floor-to-ceiling fit and incorporated an operable transom to help vent steam.

ICD's frameless enclosures are made using:

  • Thicker glass for longevity and durability
  • High-grade architectural silicone
  • A wide variety of finishes to match today's trending hardware

Bold Farmhouse Shower Frames

On the other hand, dark door frames add bold craftsmanship to a bathroom renovation or new build. 

Pulling from an industrial aesthetic, bold shower frames also work well with farmhouse styles and modern spaces that are unafraid to make a statement.

ICD carries Coastal's Gridscape series, which has become a popular choice for the adventurous bathroom renovator.


We often see this style combined with other bold patterns and features including eye-catching, mix-and-match tile and dual-tone designs. The effect can be either romantic or rugged depending on execution.


Compound the effect of bold shower architecture by adding mirrors and fixtures to match.

Farmhouse Shower Door-4

Statement frames can make a large space feel more welcoming and stylistically distinct, giving the eye somewhere to rest in an otherwise clean aesthetic. 

Looking for something other than totally frameless or heavily framed? There are many other options to consider when choosing a shower finish, from semi-frameless to other building materials.

ICD can help you find the right materials, finishes, and solutions to complement your home's individual aesthetic, adding to the property's value, and more importantly, endlessly satisfying your personal style.


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