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Get Organized for Fall and Back to School!

Crisp, cool air, warm sweaters, crunchy leaves, and spiced lattes. We might not be quite there yet, but September is right around the corner!

For some, that means a sigh of relief and sending the kids back to school. For the rest of us, this time of year tends to hold a sense of new beginnings.

As you plan how your needs might change, some simple updates to your home can make the upcoming busy transition (or typically busy season at work) much easier.

We gathered some ideas below—beyond changing out summer clothes for fall favorites—for each area in your home that will launch you into autumn feeling a little more prepared.

Kitchen & Pantry | Reserves at the Ready

Chances are your kids come home hungry and looking for something to sustain them through activities until dinner. Decide what you think makes for appropriate after-school snacks and keep them at kid-level in easily-accessible drawers or bins so they can help themselves to nutritious tie-overs.

If your family does homework or work at the kitchen table or island, dedicate a space nearby for extra supplies like notebooks, flashcards, and the week's schedule. You might be able to make room in the pantry, in an island cabinet, or hidden in a built-in sideboard or buffet.

If you're still sharing your home with a younger crowd, convert a hall closet or section of the pantry to keep toys and other miscellaneous supplies organized—and out of living areas.

Laundry Room & Entryway | Multiples in the Mudroom

To help keep dirty clothes at bay, assign multiple laundry bins for whites, colors, and delicates to make sorting the wash fly by. Tuck away detergents, cleaning supplies, and linens in easy-to-reach cabinets to prevent strain from too-high or too-low grabs.

When it comes to outerwear storage, now is the time to clear out summer gear and restock entryways for colder weather. Check out our overview of organization tips for 3 different types of entryways.

Does everyone in your household have their own space, cubby, shelf, or closet section? Sorting spaces by person is one way to make sure everyone can find what they need in a hurry.

Bedroom Closet | The Height of Tidy

Whether it's your bedroom or the kids' bedroom, sorting through and pruning your closet areas can help you feel like you have a whole new wardrobe. Design a space where you can easily see and organize clothes by outfit for the next day, and make young kids' clothes accessible so it's easier for them to dress themselves.

A tried-and-true tidy tip is to commit to a built-in solution for reach-in closets. Pre-determined organization will keep clothes off the floor and make everything much easier to find.

A custom-built drawer and shelving unit helps these kids stay neat while keeping their belongings on their level.

Study Area & Vanity | Double Trouble

A built-in desk that has space and storage for the morning routine can help keep traffic out of the bathroom. After school, the vanity can turn into a study zone. The trick to using one unit for more than one purpose is ensuring you have hidden storage that separates items by type while also making them easy to access quickly.

A nook, corner, or short wall is the perfect place for a built-in unit, allowing you to take full advantage of height, width, and corner spaces that normally aren't utilized in a room. Think cabinets, cubbies, drawers, and other solutions that are custom-fit to your needs and the belongings you need to store.

Storage Areas | Out with the Old

As you clean out your living spaces, your storage areas can get cluttered over time. Transition worn-out toys and accessories to the donation bin to make space for new interests, activities, and seasonal storage needs. Slatwall storage solutions, shelving units, and other custom storage accessories can exponentially maximize space.

The extra space in your storage areas will help you move summer items and sentimental keepsakes you're not quite ready to give up away from your living spaces—creating more space to live and enjoy the activities that make back to school cool.

Innovative Closet Designs specializes in customizing a solution that fits your unique style and design choices. Get in touch to talk to a consultant about what that might look like for you!


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