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7 Ways to Accessorize Your Closet for Ready-to-Wear Style

Everyone has a different idea of what would make their dream closet design come true. The right combination of drawers, storage, display features, and other organizational solutions will create an easier dressing experience

But everyone has different needs when it comes to storing and displaying their collections of carefully curated clothes, shoes, and accessories.

The perfect closet has the right accessories for your accessories.

ICD has a complete collection of practical details and accessories to easily find the right piece in your collection and beautifully display your favorites.

When you're upgrading your closet, you'll want more than just basic shelves and hanging. You need an overview of favorite pieces as well as easy access to most-used items.

If you're designing your dream closet, we recommend looking into our custom and ready-made closet accessories. From shoe racks and jewelry display cases to tie racks and custom storage, a well-accessorized closet can help your style stay ready-to-wear.

Have a look at some of our tips below for ways to make your closet work for the accessories you need to wear, display, and store.

1. Combine Storage Solutions | Customize Your Closet


You don't need to surrender your closet to ready-made systems that don't fit your needs. Investing in a custom solution allows you to create a space for everything and get creative with displays.


Pick a combination of solutions that serves your unique collection. Various sizes and heights of shelves, drawers, and rods can be combined with convenient racks, cases, and item-specific storage for belts, ties, boots, watches, jewelry, sunglasses, hats, and bags. While storage and access are the primary goals of a good closet, an elevated custom solution also addresses preservation.

2. Wire Baskets & Drawers | All About Easy Access


Many of our clients prefer wire baskets and drawers. They offer full visibility to the contents of each section without having to open them, helping to cut down on dressing time.

Wire solutions also allow air to flow through your closet, which can help prevent damage to delicate fabrics caused by humid conditions.

3. Drop-In Organizers | Take Care of Valuables

Velvet-lined-organizerAcryllic Drawer Divider with Hidden Jewelry TrayFor open walk-in closets and dressing rooms, organization is everything. Not only do drop-in dividers and display shelves help organize your favorite possessions, they transform a functional space into a reflection of your personal style. Consider “floating” or hidden jewelry trays and acrylic drop-in drawer liners. Velvet-wrapped drawer liners store and organize delicate items or valuables.

Look for collections of items like jewelry, ties, dresses, bags, and shoes, and then create a custom solution that fits them all perfectly.


4. Laundry | Don't Hamper Convenience

Hidden Closet Hamper

There's no need to let a free-standing laundry hamper—or an offensive pile of dirty clothes—get in the way of a beautifully designed and organized closet space.

Hampers can easily be hidden away in low pull-out drawers or flip-open cabinets without disrupting the flow of your space.

5. Pull-Out Ironing Boards | Smooth Out Your Routine

pull-out-ironing-boardWhen you choose to create a custom solution that truly serves your needs, you should feel free to wear any item from your closet without having to run to the laundry room and wrestle with an unmanageable freestanding iron board to smooth out wrinkles.

There's no reason why you can't keep daily necessities like ironing boards both accessible and conveniently hidden away.

This option folds and slides away into a small cabinet placed at an ergonomic height so that your best outfits are always ready  

6. Lighting | See What You've Been Missing


Forget about rummaging around in the dark looking for a specific piece of clothing you swore you had. Intentional lighting placement helps you find everything you need in every nook and cranny of your closet.


LED lighting is versatile and can add to the mood of your space as well, turning an otherwise muted morning routine into a moment of clarity.

7. Mirrors | Reflect on Your Style

Closet-full-length-Mirror 2

From full-length and 360 to vanity, mirrors finish a closet space. Make getting dressed more convenient and bring in extra light with the right mirror. Embellish a plain polished mirror with frames that go with your design concept.

Ready to get into the details?

Innovative Closet Designs specializes in customizing a solution that fits your unique style and design choices. Get in touch to talk to a consultant about what that might look like for you:


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