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How to Pick the Perfect Pantry Solution

A well-designed pantry can help the busy homeowner easily find what they need to create smart, delicious meals on a hectic schedule. 

Designing the right solution can double the amount of space you have to store (and find!) pantry items, supplies, and kitchen equipment. Kids can even get easy access to snacks and drinks.

The key to creating a functional pantry is designing a system that gives the homeowner the power of a complete overview of what's in stock. Taking control of the pantry supply means never buying duplicate items again, and preventing pantry items from expiring by keeping them in sight and ready to use.

Being able to see what you have on hand can also be a source of inspiration in the kitchen, helping make everyday meals and special occasions alike effortless and innovative.

Ready to upgrade your kitchen experience? Make sure to keep these essential elements in mind when designing your ideal home pantry solution.

Vary Shelf Height

In most homes, pantries end up serving as more than a place for food storage. Anticipate all the items that need a home near your kitchen, and create a dedicated space for them tucked away in your pantry.

Vary shelf height to fit larger items below, and collections of smaller items higher up. Deep, low shelves and cabinets hold taller bins and pull-out drawers on the lowest levels of your pantry, while shorter shelves for baskets and clear containers are easier to keep organized at eye level.

But eye-level is subjective! Many parents find that providing snack-stocked self-serve shelves at kid-height can ease the extra chore of finding juice boxes, bottled water, and healthy snack options for kids between meals. Make them easy to find, easy to grab, and easy to keep clean.

A feature to look out for in quality, versatile shelving systems is adjustable height that can move with you as your needs evolve.

Decide on Dividers & Custom Cubbies

A modern walk-in pantry with custom shelves and racks

Once you've separated items vertically by category and frequency of use, tackle the horizontal to help keep pantries from getting cluttered. Compartmentalize shelves and sections to help organize items by use-case, category, or type.

Cubbies are a great solution for higher-up storage, where labeled bins and boxes can easily store extras. Odd-shaped or clumsy kitchen necessities like large cutting boards or bulky appliances might need their own board-cubby or appliance garage.

Closetmaid Pantry

Proper storage is as essential for dry goods as any other items with expiration dates. Wire shelving is an easy, effective organizational option for small pantries that can benefit from extra air-flow to keep shelf-stable products fresh.

Add Corner-Savers & Practical Accessories

Consider easy-access solutions like corner radius shelves to maximize space and avoid lost items in otherwise dark and hard-to-reach corners. Corner radius shelves are custom-cut to fit your pantry. 

well-designed pantry with pullouts, wire baskets, corner radius shelves, and tray storage

Incorporate other accessories for awkwardly shaped wares. Tray storage, pull out wire baskets, mop and broom storage, wine racks, and wall hanging accessories can all add that extra convenience to make getting through chores and daily routines as easy as pie.

Complete the Look


For larger areas like Butler's Pantries between kitchens and dining rooms, surface areas for plating and serving and storing dishes and dinnerware might be on the list.

For open-space pantries or butler's pantries, consider cabinets and finished drawers instead of shelving for a smoother transition between the aesthetics of your living spaces.

Want more inspiration? Explore our website or get in touch for a free consultation to see what the ICD team can do for you!


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