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Storage Solutions for a Home Fit to Host

Worried that the holidays will get a little crowded?


The holidays are about enjoying your time together with family and friends, so make sure you have the space you need to be the hostess with the mostest!

Every area of your home can help bring family together and minimize the stress of hosting.

Instead of make-shift solutions that make a mess and create extra items to clean up after guests go home, think about how a completed storage area will serve you all year long.

Invest in a Good Pantry

butlers-pantryA well-fitted pantry will keep the kitchen clear of extra appliances, pots, pans, and holiday plates. Keep your dinnerware and food prep organized and out of the way with specific solutions for the type storage you need.

If you have the space to spare, try a butler's pantry that includes counter space for meal prep, multiple courses, and cleanup.

More compact solutions include wire shelving that gives you a place to put everything. Learn more about our tips for picking the perfect pantry solution in our pantry blog post.

Opt for Built-Ins

Make-space-for-familyFamily room and living room built-ins house the toys, games, electronics, and hidden presents that can get out of hand when the cousins come to visit. Family spaces are meant for family, not an accumulation of things! Create a warm, clutter-free space to entertain as many guests as possible by adding dedicated storage for your living area accessories and entertainment needs.

Built-ins come in a variety of colors and styles to match your home's aesthetic year-round. Imagine how a built-in can add comfort, convenience, and a finished look for an ambiance of permanence and security. Built-ins can work in any space, including dining rooms and bedrooms.

Make Closets More Manageable

entrywayKeep guest kits and towels in an organized linen closet so that they feel comfortable enough to simply help themselves—and not like they're rummaging through a mess! Just like built-ins, closets can be customized to create a convenient home for everything you need to store.

Entryways and mudrooms are other good opportunities to help make your guests feel welcome as soon as they arrive. Clear enough space to neatly put away their coats, bags, and shoes. Custom closets or entryway solutions ensure seamless transitional spaces.

After all, some holiday guests tend to stay a while. Make sure they feel at home.

Give Your Storage Space a Makeover

Dog Wash-1When extra decorations, winter gear, coats, boots, and activity accoutrements are all out of the way in their own designated storage space, what's left is more room for family.

Optimize your garage or other storage area with wire shelving or specialized storage solutions using slatwall accessories. 


At the end of the day, there's nothing wrong with a home that's lived-in. The right storage solutions and finishes make visiting your home more comfortable for guests, and make keeping it convenient all year round more enjoyable for you.

Innovative Closet Designs specializes in customizing a solution that fits your unique style and design choices. Get in touch today to speak with a design consultant about what that might look like for you:


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